“I founded NSI with the goal of providing safe, high-quality care to the community. We don’t just treat patients, we improve people’s lives.”


Carole Little, Founder

Our commitment is to provide quality healthcare professionals to maintain the integrity of our clients’ healthcare needs.

After receiving her nursing degrees from Northern Arizona University (R.N. ’76, B.S.N. ’79), Carole Little moved to Tucson to begin her noted career as a nursing services provider. After twenty years of progressively more successful work in the nursing service field, Carole has come full circle as more than a respected registered nurse – she is an entrepreneur, a successful businesswoman and a Tucson icon. Her foundation of Nursing Service Inc., an in-home health service enterprise serving a diverse patient population across Southern Arizona, has been the highlight of her dedication to the health and positive well-being of her community.

NSI Nursing Service, Inc. is a Medicare-Certified home health agency licensed by the State of Arizona and has malpractice insurance, workman's comp., and its employees are experienced, licensed and bonded.

NSI has offered the finest available in-home care since 1985. Our dedicated, compassionate staff is on call for your healthcare needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We conduct a rigorous screening process for each staff member prior to his or her selection as an NSI caregiver. Our nurses, therapists, nursing assistants and companion aides must provide current documentation of all completed state licensure and certifications. We perform a fingerprint background check on all staff members. We look for successful previous health care experience.

At NSI, we require an ongoing record of continuing education and C.P.R. certification. We pay close attention to the important personal strengths and qualities of our staff, including patience, compassion and wisdom. Ultimately, it is our duty to ask, “Would I want this person taking care of a loved one?”

Serving the Tucson community since 1985
Medicare-Certified Licensed Home Health Agency
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Privacy Notice

Protecting the personal information of our patients PHI (Protected Health Information) is important to NSI Nursing Service Inc. and we will endeavor to have the internal practices to ensure the safety and security of your PHI. We at NSI use your PHI for treatment, healthcare reimbursement, and healthcare operations. We maintain public policies and procedures along with staff education to better protect your personal health information. We do not allow anyone to enter our operations facilities unless they are part of our staff or they are escorted to an office area.

We have developed a policy and a written statement that all contractors and employees must sign that they will safeguard all information provided to them in the performance of their duties for NSI. We have developed internal practices to ensure our electronic data is as secure as possible. Each of our employees has their individual password (at least 8 characters/alpha numeric) to log onto the electronic information. We practice policies that computer screens do not remain open with PHI information if the employee is not occupying the computer and all computers are “locked” (requiring a password to reenter the system) if an employee leaves his or her Station/Office for any reason. These are just a few of the steps we take to protect your PHI.

NSI Nursing Service Inc. will abide by all laws, federal and state, related to the privacy of protected health information. We will abide by the terms in this notice provided to you, and we will endeavor to review our operations so as to do the very best that we can in protecting your health information. If you have questions or concerns related to this notice or your privacy rights please contact our office manager by calling (520) 731-1117. You may also share your questions or concerns with your case manager or the Secretary of Health and Human Services if you believe that your privacy rights have been violated. NSI Nursing Service Inc. reserves the right to amend and make changes to the terms of this notice and to make new notice provisions effective for all protected health information. We will notify our patients that we have updated our notice by posting a notice on our web site and at our reception window.



Carole Little, R.N., B.S.N. Founder,
Nursing Service, Inc



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